The controversy among programmers about Nvidia and AMD have led to murder

In September last year, former colleagues of 31-year-old Alexander Trofimov, and 37-year-old Yevgeny Lyulin celebrated their professional holiday - the Day of the programmer.

The conversation turned to the topic of manufacturers of graphics processors, AMD has been a fan of Lyulin, while Nvidia Trofimov defended interests. The owner of the apartment, Alexander Trofimov is so angry that he hit his guest kitchen hatchet on the head. The wound proved fatal, then Trofimov got rid of the body.

The controversy among programmers about Nvidia and AMD have led to murder
Three days later he was detained in the workplace, Trofimov immediately confessed to the crime. The court found him guilty and sentenced to 9.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

HTC led the VR market in China

According to market research firm Canalys, China is the second largest market of virtual reality. Last year, the supply of the respective devices in the country exceeded 300 thousand. Units (15% of the world).

The leader in this market was the Taiwanese company HTC, which shipped more than 50 thousand. Headsets HTC Vive virtual reality, taking 17.7% of the local market.
HTC led the VR market in China
Second place went to Chinese DeePoon producer with a share of 16.9%, and closes three leaders 3Glasses, which got 9.4%.

Fourth place with 9.1% occupied with a helmet Sony PlayStation VR, which supply did not exceed 30 thousand. Units.

Samsung is credited with the development of a reduced version of Galaxy TabPro S2 tablet

Some time ago there were reports that Samsung is preparing to release Galaxy TabPro S2 tablet . This model will be similar to the predecessor in size, with its screen Super AMOLED size of 12.2 inches and a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels.
Galaxy TabPro S2 tablet
According to the source, the Samsung develops another tablet, which can be called a smaller version of Galaxy TabPro S2. Mention of the device with the SM-W627 index seen in the FCC database. Judging by the size, the screen of this model is the size of 9.7 inches.

Presumably, a smaller model Galaxy TabPro S2 will be built on an Intel processor generation Kaby Lake, but not at the Core i5-7200U, a tablet with a larger screen, while the Core M.

Source: WCCFtech.com

Published images of motherboards ASRock X370 Killer SLI / ac and AB350 Gaming K4

Source published a picture of motherboards ASRock X370 Killer SLI / ac and AB350 Gaming K4.
Model ASRock X370 Killer SLI / ac is interesting in that it serves as a basis chipset AMD X370. In equipping the board can distinguish a pair of reinforced slots PCIe 3.0 x16, ready to receive 3D-card running in SLI or Crossfire. In addition, the board has two M.2 slot.
Judging by the marking, the board is equipped with a wireless adapter with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac.
The second novelty is also received two M.2 slot and two PCIe slot 3.0 x16, but SLI or Crossfire mention on the packaging is not.
Compared to the first model, this board has a fairly modest power system.

Information on the date of commencement of sales and pricing yet.

Source: Videocardz

Metropolitan Museum made available to the public 375,000 digitized images of artworks

Metropolitan Museum of Art , one of the largest art museums in the world, made available to the public 375,000 digitized images of artworks from the collection. This step is a continuation of the initiative, to which the implementation of the museum began in 2014.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
These paintings and photos can be freely used in both personal and commercial purposes (Creative Commons 'CC0' license level). Furthermore, they can be edited and used as part of the new products.

To search the collection, you can use the Creative Commons website .

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

There were four more images ASRock motherboard to AMD X370 chipset

After the images of motherboards ASRock X370 Killer SLI / ac and AB350 Gaming K4 , the network appeared the image of four models. All these boards are built on AMD X370 chipset.

Model ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming has three PCIe x16 slots and two PCIe x1 and M.2.
ASRock X370 Killer SLI / ac and AB350 Gaming K4
Fee ASRock X370 Fatal1ity Gaming K4 similar to the previous model, differing simplified power system. As a consequence, it is expected that its price is lower. In addition, it has two PCIe x16 slots and four PCIe x1 and M.2.
ASRock X370 Fatal1ity Gaming K4
For the motherboard ASRock X370 Killer SLI selected other external design, but overall it is very similar to ASRock X370 Fatal1ity Gaming K4, including the list of expansion slots.
ASRock X370 Killer SLI
Finally, the model ASRock X370 Taichi received power subsystem, similar to that which has ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming, and the same set of expansion slots.
ASRock X370 Taichi
Technical details should be available at the time of the announcement, which is expected later this month.

Source: Videocardz

Next year, GM plans to build and test a thousand self-electric Bolt

Company General Motors expects to begin testing electric self-Bolt in 2018, planning to release thousands of these vehicles. The project partner is the company Lyft GM, whose head is sure that by 2025, cars will be self-managed to carry the majority of traffic . By the way, the first time self-governing electric Bolt AV will be able to buy only Lyft, but not individual consumers. We add that a year ago, GM acquired part Lyft for $ 500 million.
GM plans sound grander plans for any other member of the nascent self-car market. So, Waymo, a subsidiary of the Alphabet, is currently testing about 60 prototypes. Specify that GM also is has only 40 machines Bolt AV.

Source: to Reuters

The first launch of the carrier rocket SLS can make manned, but it will require a three-year delay

Last summer, NASA successfully tested the first stage of the carrier rocket Space Launch System (SLS). This booster after commissioning will be the hoisting of the existing. In particular, the low support orbit rocket will deliver 77 tons of payload, and a modernized version, which will later increase this parameter up to 115 tons. In addition, the SLS is to be used in NASA Mars missions.

Earlier SLS first launch was scheduled for 2018. According to the plan, during the launch of the unmanned rocket to bring the spacecraft into orbit Orion. However, NASA plans can change. Now the agency is considering making the very first manned launch. Among other things, this should speed up the return of man to the moon.
However, such a change of plans would entail a considerable delay the first run. More specifically, in the case of this decision, the SLS will make its first flight only in 2021. Extra time is not only necessary for the more rigorous testing, but also for the construction of improvements, because the presence of people on board the Orion will require the appropriate equipment that is simply not necessary at unmanned launch (Life Support System, controls, and so on).

According to the original plans of the spaceship Orion will stay in space for about three weeks, coming on the Moon's orbit (about 65 000 km above the surface). In the case of a manned mission, the trajectory of the flight of the ship will be different. Probably, the ship will make a few turns around our satellite and back home.

HTC again credited with the intention to return to contract manufacturing smartphones

A few days ago we learned that HTC will cease to produce low-cost smartphones , and will significantly reduce the range. At this step the company decided not a good life. HTC continues to suffer losses and declining sales of smartphones.

Against this background, the web reappeared HTC forecasts regarding the possibility of returning to the origins. That is a contract manufacturing smartphones. In particular, since the analyst believes BayStreet Research Maldonado Cliff (Cliff Maldonado), who recently suggested that the new HTC flagship will not appear on the US market. And now for this there was even more reason.
For example, HTC smartphones have virtually disappeared from the range of US mobile operators. On Web sites, AT & T and T-Mobile HTC devices is not, as though Verizon sells two models, but in fact in the presence of almost none.

Maldonado said that the launch of smartphones the Pixel, which, we recall, are made on the HTC capacities, output Bolt exclusive model for Sprint's, as well as staff reductions indicate that HTC could return to contract manufacturing. At the same time analyst does not say whether he believes that the company is fully abandon issuing its own smartphone.

The new "live" photos of the smartphone LG G6 confirm the presence of the screen with rounded corners

The network has a new "live" photos of the smartphone LG G6. They show the same device, as we have seen in other photos and images, so that doubts as to their authenticity much no.
In this case, there is a photo rear side.
 LG G6
As you can see, the rear G6 looks laconically and in no way surprising. But a good photo the front side allows to consider in detail the device.

 LG G6
We can estimate the minimum top and bottom of the frame to be Native G6 from Galaxy S8, as well as the extended display with rounded corners. It looks strange, but the practical value has not. Also noteworthy feature Always On Display, although it is called the LG is likely to be some other way.

Recall, G6 received a screen diagonal of 5.7 inches with an aspect ratio of 2: 1. In this case it is not done just so, and with the appropriate optimization software . The device will be shown at the exhibition MWC 2017.

Globalfoundries company introduced the industry's first 22-nanometer technology platform FD-SOI

The optimal balance of performance, power consumption and cost of semiconductor products - a goal sought by manufacturers. For obvious reasons, for different purposes chip that balance is achieved different correlation factors. Among Globalfoundries argue that yesterday presented the first 22-nanometer technology platform in the industry, based on the use of fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI), is optimal for the production of chips for the Internet of Things, mobile communication and network equipment.

Allegedly, 22FDX platform delivers performance and power consumption levels that are close to the FinFET, at a cost comparable to the 28-nanometer planar technology.

In applications where there is no urgent need to limit the performance of transistors FinFET, 22FDX provides gains in cost and power consumption.

Semiconductor devices manufactured by the new technology designed to voltage of 0.4 V, thereby reducing power consumption and heat generation that leads to a decrease in general structures. In the area of ​​crystal 22FDX provides winnings by 20% compared to the 28-nanometer technology. It is important that the new technology should be about half masks than FinFET with immersion lithography.

Technology 22FDX mastered at the Dresden plant Globalfoundries, working with 300-mm plates. Software settings, you can get four options for different production process technology segments. 22FD-ulp - for chips for mainstream smartphones. Delivers lower power consumption by 70% compared to 28-nm HKMG technology. 22FD-uhp - for chips for networking equipment with the integration of analog circuits. Perhaps the increase in the supply voltage to 0.95 V and specialized metallization layers. 22FD-ull - for chips for the Internet of things and wearable electronics with ultra-low power consumption. 22FD-rfa - for radio frequency analog circuits, for example, LTE-A transceivers, Wi-Fi and millimeter radar.

Already available the corresponding development tools. It is expected that the trial will start output in the second half of 2016.

Source: Globalfoundries

Antitrust authorities in South Korea suspect Google is that it prevented the emergence of Android OS competitors

As is well known, the operating system Tizen initially positioned Intel and Samsung as Android competitor. Competitor did not work, and now Tizen entrenched only in the smart watch Samsung and household appliances of the same company.

Do everything else could be? Some believe that it could. Thus, the anti-monopoly agency of South Korea intends to investigate Google's pressure issue on the Samsung in order to prevent the emergence of Android competitor.
In 2011, Google and Samsung have signed an agreement concerning mobile applications. Within its framework, Samsung got the opportunity to completely free to use Android and Google services, but instead should have been the search giant's applications on the home screen, use the default Google search and pre-install on all smartphones 12 Google programs. Then, in connection with the two leading Korean resource information submitted to the antimonopoly service related complaints, but the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

It should be noted that details of the agreement between the two companies became known only in May last year, which was the reason for the resumption of the investigation. Among other things, the agreement prohibited Samsung to develop new operating systems using «Android algorithms."

Whether the agreement was directly related to the Tizen, is unclear. But we can not exclude that it is a contract with Google has led to what Tizen eventually developed very slowly, and its range was limited to just a few countries, if we talk about the smartphone market.

The new tablet will receive the Honor fiscal platform screen low resolution, but the 3 GB of RAM and Android 7.0

Huawei Company - one of the few tablets and increases sales, according to analysts, will continue to do so this year. One of the new models, which will help her in this, will be a tablet under the brand Honor.

The model will be based TENAA, that lets you know its parameters. In this case of a model with an eight-inch screen. Its resolution is 1,280 x 800 pixels. The heart will some quad-core SoC with 1.4GHz. Against this background, the presence of 3 GB of RAM is a bit odd. Flash Memory device is 32 GB.
Honor fiscal platform screen low resolution, but the 3 GB of RAM and Android 7.0
It also reported on the resolution of the camera of 5 megapixel and 2 and the battery capacity of 4650 mAh. Dimensions of new items will be 211 x 124.7 x 7.95 mm with a weight of 350 g Judging from the photos, the body is made of metal. But a fingerprint scanner in the tablet will not be exact. As the OS will make Android 7.0.


Chinese manufacturers want to learn the FD-SOI technology

According to industry representatives, which refers to the source, the Chinese manufacturers of semiconductor products, including the company Huali Microelectronics (HLMC), plan to master FD-SOI technology. By their causes high competition in the FinFET segment where work such giants as Intel, Samsung and TSMC.

Without abandoning the use of FinFET in steps 28 and 14 nm, HLMC company sees as a more economical alternative to the possibility of the development of FD-SOI at the factory, designed for 300mm wafer.

As a more affordable cost, this technology can bring the Chinese chip developer for the IoT, does not have a private capacity. The main contract manufacturer offering FD-SOI, is Globalfoundries.
Chinese manufacturers want to learn the FD-SOI technology
In 2015, the company Globalfoundries has introduced the industry's first 22-nanometer technology platform, the SOI the FD - 22FDX. Allegedly, 22FDX platform delivers performance and power consumption levels that are close to the FinFET, at a cost comparable to the 28-nanometer planar technology. In applications where there is no urgent need to limit the performance of transistors FinFET, 22FDX provides gains in cost and power consumption.

Last year the company introduced Globalfoundries 12-nanometer technology platform, the SOI the FD , as it became known last week that Globalfoundries is expanding, investing in production, located in the four countries . In particular, China's Globalfoundries company is planning to build a factory, designed for 300mm wafer, which 22FDX process technology to be used. The output of the company should start in 2018.

Source: by Digitimes

Adata EX500 External Enclosure - «pocket" format for 2.5-inch drives, equipped with a USB 3.1 interface

Assortment of Adata added device, which recently found less and less. Speech on "pocket" format for 2.5-inch drives, which is called the EX500 External Enclosure.
Adata EX500 External Enclosure
As the device itself is quite simple, and the parameters in it minimum. The main - an interface USB 3.1, so you can use in conjunction with the novelty of SSDs without fear that the data transfer speed will be scanty. In addition, the manufacturer says about the high-speed controller JMS578.

Another plus EX500 External Enclosure is the design. Unlike many such devices, in this case does not require any tools for mounting the drive. Finally it may be noted and shockproof housing.
Dimensions new items are 125 x 90 x 17 mm with a weight of '79 It is compatible with hard drives form factor 2.5-inch thickness of 7 or 9 mm. The device is available only in a color which can be seen on the images.

Globalfoundries companyGlobalfoundries company introduced 12-nanometer technology platform FD-SOI

Globalfoundries company introduced 12-nanometer technology platform, built on the use of fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI). 12FDX platform continues the direction set in last year's 22-nanometer platform 22FDX . According to the manufacturer, 12FDX suitable for the production of semiconductor products for mobile network equipment 5G and other applications where the demand optimum balance between performance, power consumption and cost.

Recall, FD-SOI technology is positioned as an alternative to FinFET. According to Globalfoundries, 12FDX provide the same performance as the 10-nanometer FinFET technology, but lower power consumption at a cost less than the cost of a 16-nanometer FinFET. The superiority of modern FinFET technology performance is 15% gain in energy consumption - 50%.
Globalfoundries company
According to Globalfoundries, 12FDX sets a new benchmark system integration, allowing you to integrate in a single chip RF circuitry, an analog signal processing blocks, built-in memory and complex logic circuits. 12FDX advantage is the industry's broadest range of power supply voltages and the ability to configure the software parameters of transistors, allowing us to obtain the best performance while maintaining energy efficiency.

By mastering 12FDX Technologies Dresden factory Globalfoundries Fab 1. Transfer of production of the first order is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

Source: Globalfoundries

Issue Apple iPhone SE smartphones in India will begin in the coming months

In is located in the Indian city of Bangalore plant electronics contract manufacturer, acting partner of Apple in the coming months will begin assembling iPhone SE budget smartphones. This was reported by a source with reference to anonymous informants.
Issue Apple iPhone SE smartphones in India will begin in the coming months
It is a Taiwanese company Wistron, which is building an enterprise specially to build iPhone smartphones. Rumors that Apple is connected to iPhone SE manufactured by Wistron appeared a year ago.

Apple's decision to start producing smartphones in India dictated by the desire to increase sales at the fast-growing smartphone market, which is dominated by a more affordable model. At the same time the producer will be easier to satisfy the requirement of local laws, according to which at least one third of the product range chain stores should be produced in India.

Source: to Reuters

According to rumors, Apple iPhone 5se connected to the production company Wistron

According to sources from the supply chain, Apple has decided to connect to the production of new four iPhone 5se company Wistron, whose representatives did not disclose information about their orders and customers.

The main producer is Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), but Apple also entrust part of Wistron orders. Experts note that the collaboration began a year ago, the companies that have entrusted Wistron laminated iPhone touch screens. Over time, Apple has decided that Wistron could be another collector of its smartphones.
According to rumors, Apple iPhone 5se connected to the production company Wistron
The source adds that Foxconn Electronics and Wistron will also produce along with the iPhone 7 diagonal display of 5.5 inches, while the model with a display of 4.7 inches entrust Pegatron Technology and Foxconn. Thus, each model of the iPhone from now on will be to collect the two companies, which would allow to reduce the risks.

According to rumors, the iPhone and the iPad Air 5SE 3 will go on sale March 18 .

Source: to DigiTimes

According to rumors, iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will go on sale on March 18

Earlier this month, there was an informal information , according to which the iPad Air 3 smartphone Apple iPhone 5se and tablet will be presented at a special event on March 15 this year.

Now, the same informant said that the beginning of sales of the above mentioned devices is scheduled for March 18, they will be available both in stores and online. The source adds that Apple has no plans to open the receiving pre-orders for the iPhone and iPad Air 5SE 3.

Recall, iPhone 5SE must change iPhone 5s on the market, offering users four-inch display, the camera of the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay NFC and support. As for the iPad Air 3, it is expected that the tablet will get a four-speaker, a camera with flash and support for Apple Pencil.

Source: 9to5mac

Samsung has officially confirmed the existence of SoC Exynos 9. The yield is expected in the near future

Samsung Company has been using for its flagship (and not only) smartphones Qualcomm SoC systems and custom solutions Exynos. Last year, the first time the Korean giant has made the main focus is on its SoC devices in the Galaxy S7.

The new generation of champions will be exactly based on SoC Snapdragon 835. Moreover, because of the agreement between Qualcomm and the Samsung, at first all manufactured single-chip systems will be used is to create a Galaxy S8 and S8 +, because of what other producers will either have to wait or select previous generation solutions, as did LG.

Samsung has officially confirmed the existence of SoC Exynos 9. The yield is expected in the near future

Against this background, one might think that the new SoC Exynos to flagships simply will not. But Samsung never claimed. In addition, the company literally just published the SoC Exynos first advertising image 9.

Unfortunately, no specifications of the new decision yet. Of course, it should be made on 10-nanometer process technology and is likely to contain a GPU Mali-G71. Recent rumors also pointed to eight cores, and the existence of two versions of the new SoC.

SoC Samsung Exynos 8895 will be available in versions with different operating frequencies of the GPU and CPU cores

Currently, Samsung has been manufacturing single-chip Snapdragon 835 systems for Qualcomm, using its own 10-nanometer FinFET process.

The same process technology used for the new SoC Samsung Exynos 8895, the details of which this week published sources. According to them, the Exynos 8895 will be presented in two versions, Exynos 8895M and Exynos 8895V, which will vary the frequency of operation of processor cores used and GPU.

The cores Exynos 8895M will operate at a frequency of 2.5 GHz, as the GPU will be applied G71 MP20. Exynos 8895V get GPU G71 MP18, and the core will be clocked at 2.3 GHz. In both cases will ispolzovatcya Mongoose M2 core and ARM Cortex-A53, and the GPU frequency is 550 MHz.

SoC Exynos 8895 will support resolutions up to 4K displays, LTE Cat 16 (data transfer rate up to 1 Gbit / s), high-speed flash memory UFS 2.1, but support from the CDMA SoC will not.

The advent of smartphones with this single-chip system is expected in the second quarter of 2017, one of the first devices to become Samsung Galaxy S8.

Source: Gizmochina

In CPU-Z processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600X tests demonstrates impressive performance

Preliminary tests Ryzen processors gradually fill network. A few days ago we published the test results of three models in the 3DMark test, where they confidently walked competitors from Intel camp.

Now someone has shared the results of CPU Ryzen 5 1600X tests. Recall, this hexa-core model at frequencies 3.3-3.7 GHz and costing about $ 260. If you focus on the price, the direct competitor of this processor will be the Core i5-7600K with frequencies of 3.8-4.2 GHz. This is the CPU, unfortunately, is not on the charts, but without it, the average person can see considerable opportunities new items Ryzen.

Thus, in this case used as a test application CPU-Z.

As you can see, in a single-threaded test Ryzen 5 1600X gaining 1888 points, which is even more than the Core i7-6850K, the value of which can not even remember. But, for example, Core i7-6770K immediately productive.
In a multithreaded test overtake AMD novelty recruited 12,544 points, are already capable of only Core i7-5960X and Core i7-6900K. The test, of course, also can not be regarded as a reflection of processor performance in real applications, but so far everything falling in the test results Network Ryzen indicate that AMD really happened.

Separately, it should be noted that the processor marking indicates TDP of 65 watts, while Ryzen 5 1600X value should be 95 watts. When this frequency value in marking suits to this CPU.Tags: AMD's

IC Insights analysts believe that Intel and Qualcomm spent in 2016 on research and development more than anyone else in the industry

IC Insights analyst firm Experts estimate the funds allocated semiconductor products in the past year on research and development (R & D).

With a large margin from the rest of the list of participants at the first position is the company Intel. It is in 2016 allocated for research and development 12.74 billion dollars, accounting for 22.4% of revenue. Compared with the previous year the financing of development increased by 5%. Note that the average over the period from 2011 - 9%, that is, slow the pace of Intel.

In second place is Qualcomm. This manufacturer has spent on R & D 5.109 billion dollars, accounting for 33.1% of its income. However, compared to the previous year investments decreased by 7%.

Third place goes to the Broadcom company, stand out in the research and development of $ 3.188 billion, which corresponds to 20.5% of annual income. Compared to last year the company Broadcom has allocated 4% less on R & D.

The fourth and fifth places are owned by Samsung and Toshiba, who spent 2.881 and 2.777 billion dollars respectively. In this case, Samsung 6.5% yield, in the case of Toshiba - 27,6%. Compared with the 2015 Samsung increased its spending by 11%, Toshiba - reduced by 5%.

Source: the IC Insights

Sony as one of the suppliers of batteries for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8

The company Samsung SDI, which produces batteries for many smartphones Samsung, will not be the sole supplier of batteries for the next flagship model. The source reports that the supply batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the company Sony.

These data sound a bit strange, given that in the summer of last year, Sony agreed to sell the respective lines of business other Japanese companies - Murata Group. Completion of the transaction is expected before the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in Japan on March 31.

Meanwhile, some time ago it was reported that Murata Manufacturing will supply batteries for smartphones the Galaxy the S8 the Samsung .

Sony as one of the suppliers of batteries for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8

Explanation of the situation you can think of quite a few. Perhaps, Sony will supply batteries to the completion of the transaction. Perhaps, Sony will retain part of the unit. May sell the unit will continue to use the Sony brand. Either way, the source of the third call Sony (along with Samsung SDI and Murata) battery manufacturer, has received orders for batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8.

Source: the WSJ

The company, 25 years ago, released the world's first lithium-ion battery, sells this business

In 1975, the unit was established by Sony, engaged in batteries and accumulators. In 1991, the Japanese manufacturer began selling the world's first lithium-ion batteries. Sony batteries are widely used in products like the Sony the company and other manufacturers of electronic devices. However, in recent years, the corresponding division of Sony makes a loss, pressured the South Korean and Chinese rivals. Today, the company's website published a message of intent to sell the specified direction of the business. Buyer called the Japanese company Murata Group.
This is not the first decision on sale taken in recent years by Sony, trying to put an end to huge losses . In 2013, the office was sold to Sony for $ 1.2 billion in 2014 - a division that produces computers Your VAIO , in the last year - half owned by Sony shares the Olympus . In addition, last year, after the production of TVs in an independent company Sony semiconductor business was spun off .
The exact conditions of the current deal is not yet determined, but the signing of the final agreement is expected in October and completed the transaction must in the current financial year, ie until the end of March 2017.
As a result, Murata will receive the Japanese subsidiary Sony Energy Devices venture factories in China and Singapore, the R & D centers and other assets around the world. The transaction will not affect the sales under the brand name Sony Mobile batteries, alkaline batteries and miniature, as well as some other consumer products.
We recall a few years ago, Sony has considered the possibility of the sale of battery business. But then it was decided to keep it in the hope that business will become profitable again because of the battery demand for smartphones is growing, and the yen falls. According to today's report, these expectations were not met.
Source: the Sony

Accumulators for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 will supply Murata Manufacturing Company

According to the source, Samsung began working with a new supplier of batteries from Japan. Allegedly, it was his products will be used in smartphones Galaxy S8.
It's about the company Murata Manufacturing Company, which late last year acquired the business of manufacturing batteries from Sony for 167 million dollars.
From the data source to the end it is unclear whether Murata sole supplier of batteries for the new flagship of Samsung or supplies will engage someone else. If Samsung SDI will not receive orders for batteries for news, it can be adversely affected and its financial situation, and on the already tarnished reputation.

Director General of Qualcomm sure that the dispute with Apple will be able to settle out of court

As we reported in January, the company Apple has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in the United States, and later -in China . According to the company Apple, Qualcomm, it had overpaid for the use of patented technologies.

Spoil relations with Apple - not for the benefit of Qualcomm, Qualcomm since Apple provides significant revenue, buying chips for its smartphones.

According to the source, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf (Steven Mollenkopf) during a recent conference Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference expressed confidence that the company will be able to settle the dispute out of court. At Qualcomm wide experience of such situations with a successful outcome. In just the last two years Qualcomm managed to conclude more than 120 licensing agreements with Chinese manufacturers. The intention to negotiate an amicable says Qualcomm and unwillingness to involve the excessive media attention.

Source: Investopedia

Qualcomm has commented Apple claims

Qualcomm has commented on the claims of Apple . The rating action Apple and forecast developments straight from the mouth of the Don Rosenberg (Don Rosenberg), executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm.
"Although we are still in the process of a detailed examination of the complaint, it is clear that Apple's claim unfounded.Apple deliberately misleading to characterize our agreements and negotiations, as well as the scope and value of the technology that we have developed, the development of which was attended by, and are made available to other manufacturers of mobile devices through the licensing program " , - quotes the words of the source Rosenberg.
According to the General Counsel Qualcomm, Apple actively encourages regulators attacks on Qualcomm's business in various jurisdictions around the world. However, Qualcomm welcomes the opportunity to meet with the enemy in the court, which rightfully can reveal the details of his activities, relying on good faith examination of the case.
Source: Qualcomm's

Apple sues Qualcomm in China

Not limited to a claim demanding $ 1 billion filed against Qualcomm in the US, Apple has filed a similar lawsuit in China.More precisely, it filed two lawsuits. In these figures the same round sum, but in RMB. In terms of it is approximately equal to 145 million Dolar.
According to Apple, Qualcomm has violated the obligation to license the patents for technologies that are part of cellular standards, at affordable and non-discriminatory terms.
Qualcomm is - the main supplier of chips that provide connectivity of smart phones to cellular networks. Its products are purchased not only Apple, but the market leader and the company Samsung Electronics. Together, these two companies provided 40% Qualcomm's revenue totaled $ 23.5 billion last fiscal year.
As in the case of a lawsuit filed in the United States , Qualcomm's company has already responded to the new claims. Although the full text of documents is yet to come, the defendant is ready to defend itself in court. In Qualcomm claimed that Apple had offered the same licensing conditions as other partners, so that about any violation can be no question. Apple rejected the proposal without consideration, while more than a hundred Chinese manufacturers are working with Qualcomm on such conditions.
Sources: to Reuters , Qualcomm's

Qualcomm Apple offered discounts in exchange for exclusive contracts

Recently, Qualcomm is increasingly becoming the object of attention for various antitrust authorities of various countries. According to the source, the US Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission, FTC) filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm's, accusing it in a non-competitive behavior.
To be precise, the FTC believes that Qualcomm Apple illegally received orders for a period of five years (2011 to 2016). Cupertino giant Qualcomm offered discounts on royalties in return for the fact that Apple was obliged to use only Qualcomm solutions. In this case it is a modem connection.
In addition, Qualcomm's accused that some companies threatened refusal to supply their products, if they will not pay for the license at inflated prices.
Qualcomm announced that it intends to appeal the lawsuit the FTC, which, according to the manufacturer, is based on an erroneous legal theory and intended to promote the interests and amplify the impact of mobile phone manufacturers.
Source: by Bloomberg

Apple also sued Qualcomm's, requiring it to pay the amount underpaid within unlawful agreement

Guide Qualcomm recently not envy. Claims from certain bodies of a country showered like a horn of plenty. Only we reported that the US Federal Trade Commission has sued the company, accusing it in a non-competitive behavior in transactions with Apple, as this is Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm's, demanding $ 1 billion.
Cupertino giant accuses the partner about the same, what and Trade Commission: to abuse of dominant position in the market of cellular communication modems for smartphones.
Apple claims that over the years, Qualcomm unjustly insisted on the payment of royalties for the technologies that have been developed not only to her. Apple says that Qualcomm's, being only one of more than a dozen companies that have contributed to the development of the main mobile network standards, demanded payment of royalties, which are at least five times higher than the payment of all other licensors together.
But the most interesting is not it. The fact that $ 1 billion Apple requires for what is described above. The company blames his partner that he was originally giving Apple discounts for exclusive contracts, canceled them after kupertintsy testified in one of the cases against Qualcomm. 1 billion dollars - this is "underpaid» Apple discounts. Thus, both Apple and confirms accusations Trade Commission towards the Qualcomm, and requiring her to pay part of the money that Qualcomm is illegal, according to the commission paid to Apple for many years.
Source: the CNBC